At Merritt Mill Dental Associates here in Salisbury, MD, we perform professional teeth whitening services that are customized to meet your needs and expectations. We can improve your smile safely and effectively through our in-office teeth whitening services; in just one hour, you’ll see a noticeable difference, since we can whiten your teeth anywhere from three to eight shades brighter in that short span of time.

The benefits of having your cosmetic dentist professionally whiten your teeth instead of doing it yourself with a store-bought kit are many. These benefits include quicker results, much better protection of the tooth-root surfaces, and greater care of your gum tissue. Especially for individuals with a high-degree of sensitivity around their teeth and gums, having a caring dental professional whiten their teeth is the far better option.

You can do your part to help get even better results on your whitening procedure. We’ll outline what you can do before and after your appointment for a better outcome. First, let’s briefly go over the procedure itself.

The Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure

There are two options for you: in-office whitening and take-home whitening.

With the first option, your dentist begins the procedure by covering your tooth-root surfaces and gums with a barrier that serves to protect them. A thin, plastic retractor is used to keep your lips and cheeks a safe distance from your teeth during the procedure. After this prep work, your dentist applies a specially formulated hydrogen peroxide gel, which will remain on your teeth for about an hour. After your cosmetic dentist removes this gel, you’ll see the results immediately.

With the second option, your dentist gives you a professional kit to take home and whiten your teeth yourself. This dentist-supplied kit is far superior to anything you’d find at the drugstore. We begin by making a mold of your teeth from which we create a custom tray. At home, you’ll fill your custom tray with whitening gel we supply, and you’ll leave the tray on your teeth for about an hour each session. While this is a perfectly acceptable alternative to in-office teeth whitening, be aware that it will take you longer to see the results that you want. It could take several weeks to get the same results you’d get during a single in-office visit.

What To Do Before

Most dentists recommend that before having your teeth whitened, you schedule an oral exam so that the health of your teeth and gums can be checked. Tooth discoloration can sometimes point to dental health issues, and these should be checked and ruled out first before proceeding with teeth whitening.

In addition to having your teeth checked, it’s a good idea to get them cleaned. Schedule a cleaning to have as much plaque buildup removed as possible. Professional teeth cleanings prepare the gums and teeth so that your whitening procedure will yield better, longer-lasting results.

If your teeth are especially sensitive, use a desensitizing toothpaste for two weeks before your whitening appointment. Your dentist can recommend a toothpaste for you.

Be sure to consult with your cosmetic dentist about the whitening shade that’s best for you. You’ll want a bright smile that looks natural; your dentist can offer suggestions about which shade would fit you best.

What To Do After

After your in-office procedure or your at-home sessions, you’ll want to take measures to maintain results for many months to come. First, brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day, every day. In addition, avoid foods and beverages that may stain your teeth. These include coffee, tea, wine, sodas, and some fruit juices. The first 24 hours following your procedure are especially important.

It’s vital that you follow all of your post-procedure instructions from your dentist in order to keep your teeth beautifully white for as long as possible in between treatments.

Your Cosmetic Dentist In Salisbury

Merritt Mill Dental Associates offer a range of cosmetic dentistry services beyond professional teeth whitening. If you are missing teeth or experience significant discoloration in specific teeth, we can help through porcelain dental veneers, dental implants, removable dentures, dental bonding, or other treatments designed to restore function and improve your smile.

Reach out today to our friendly, professional dental office in Salisbury. We are here for all your dental care needs, and we’ll handle any emergency dental care with compassion and efficiency. Contact us today!