Your dental crowns are designed and built to last you a long time. They are made to be strong so that you can bite down and chew on food using reasonable force without worrying about them cracking. They’re also made to look like your natural teeth so that when you smile, people can’t tell you’re wearing crowns; they blend in with the rest of your teeth.

Crowns are a great invention! A dental crown serves as a replacement when your tooth has degraded due to decay or other reasons. Dental fillings aren’t always the solution when you have a cavity; if the cavity is too large, a crown may be the better option.

Also called caps, dental crowns are custom-made for a precise fit in your mouth. They are fit for comfort so you can go about your day-to-day activities without even noticing them.

You may have one or more dental crowns in your mouth. They can be standalone solutions, or they can be used in combination with other dental treatments, such as bridges or implants.

Even though they’re considered a permanent solution, there are many things you can do to protect your dental crowns and help them last longer. Read on to find out how to take care of your crowns so that they can serve you well for many years to come.

Brush Them As You Would Your Natural Teeth

Just because you have crowns or implants doesn’t mean you can get too casual with your brushing habits! It’s still very important to regularly brush all of your teeth — your natural ones and your crowns and bridges. Doing so removes bacteria that could otherwise multiply to unhealthy levels and create a host of problems, including decay of your natural teeth, discoloration of your crowns, harm to your gums and other soft tissues, and bad breath, to name a few. Maintain healthy brushing and flossing habits throughout your life, and your natural teeth, dental crowns, and gums will serve you well in return!

Don’t Chew Items That Could Crack Them

There are many foods (and non-food items we sometimes have a tendency to chew or bite) that are detrimental to the integrity of your teeth and crowns. Here’s a partial list of items you should not chew:

  • Tobacco Products: These can discolor your crowns and your natural teeth.
  • Hard Foods: These can crack teeth and crowns.
  • Pencils Or Any Non-Food Items: Some people absentmindedly chew on pens, pencils, and other non-food items; if you do this, it’s time to stop this habit!
  • Ice Pieces: If you like to crunch on ice, it’s wise to stop, since chomping down on a piece of hard ice the wrong way could lead to cracks in your crowns or natural teeth.

Let Your Dentist Know If You Clench Or Grind Your Teeth

Many individuals grind their teeth, especially when sleeping. If you’re one of these people, talk to your dentist about it. Your family dentist may fit you with a mouth guard to protect your teeth in the presence of any clenching or grinding habits.

Use Quality Dental Care Products

Certain dental care products are more effective than others. You want to avoid toothpastes or other teeth-cleaning products that are too abrasive or have ingredients that may actually stain or dull teeth. Ask your family dentist for recommendations.

Get Regular Checkups And Cleanings

Just because you now have crowns doesn’t mean you’re suddenly immune to dental issues! It’s still important to get checkups and teeth cleanings because problems can continue to develop. Timely checkups will catch and treat any issues that can be much harder to repair (and much more painful to endure) if treatment is delayed.

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